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(In the final case, the player with the most points in his or her score pile is the winner.).
In Innovation, as in, glory to Rome, each card or combo elicits an initial response of Thats got to be broken but over repeated plays it turns out not to be the case.But because of the complexity of the cards, the constantly changing game state, and the often clever manipulation of actions to accomplish what you want to accomplish, it can be hard to plan in advance.Descemer Bueno, Zion y Lennox, "Subeme La Radio".The problem is that there are six icon types, and its very rare indeed for a single player to be the top dog in all six.In one game I played, I was able to run the table for a few rounds (which ultimately won me the game) by exploiting The Pirate Code, which demands that other players with fewer crown icons transfer certain cards from their score pile to yours.Yes, its difficult to plan too far in advance, or even your next turn, but as long as players understand this, they can usually take the game in stride.And then, if any cards are transferred, the demanding player scores one of their top cards with a crown.The constant change in game state can make Innovation seem random or chaotic, but its really not as bad as it looks.This is where the game gets tricky: you have to balance benefiting from more icons in some areas while conceding in others.A large art piece currently installed sexe annonces dans le trentin at the San Francisco waterfront may soon make its way to the city of Vallejo.And after each dogma, because a top card with crowns is scored, the chances of another player being affected get weaker and weaker.I like the clear layout in the Asmadi version (the one I own and its very easy to tell the six icons apart, though the abstract art and layout makes the game feel even more abstract than.
(Though one player can use them to better effect, which is what youd expect in a strategy game.) And even a monopoly doesnt usually last long, since the more powerful demands either 1) dismantle the cards used in the combo or 2) feed good cards.
Also, I think the games sweet spot is three players.