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An important aspect of Tesnière's understanding of valency was that the subject is an actant (argument, complement) of the verb in the same manner that the object.
Aspects of the theory of syntax.Describing morphosyntax: A guide for field linguists.In the examples above, the arguments are noun phrases (NPs).Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.(The patient is sometimes also called undergoer.) These are core arguments of a verb: Lydia (S) is sleeping.8 :73 The semantics of this construction emphasizes the original P and downgrades the original A and is used to avoid mentioning A, draw attention moto rencontre rive sud to P or the result of the activity.8 :474 These are difficult to convey in English.No other subject can replace.Je ferai de mon mieux pour être dispo en sortant du travail pour une rencontre sexe.Tesnière (1959/69:109) emphasizes that the subject is a complement just like the object in chapter 51, paragraph 109.(b) Don (S) is crushing.Mon ex était carrément un idiot alors cette rupture ne me rend pas triste.X and Y can stand for a number of different lexical categories, and each instance of the symbol stands for a bar.Jai 29 ans, je suis une black cochonne avec un cul parfait.Au revoir les petits loups.For instance, to eat is naturally divalent, as in he eats an apple, but may be reduced to monovalency in he eats.Rencontrer cette femme très gourmande, plan Cul, tagged with: Valence, déc 062016, jsuis Dorothée, une Africaine de 28 ans habitant pas loin de Valence.This plan cul facile is called valency reduction.
The number of bonds that a verb has constitutes what we will call the valence of the verb." Tesnière used the word actants to mean what are now widely les femmes âgées de rencontres called arguments (and sometimes complements ).